Biodiversity Park


On our planet, every being has available in its habitat what it needs to live well and in balance with nature.

In a natural environment, we find a variety of fruits, mushrooms, berries and edible plants that help maintain this balance.

of the Park

The aim of the ‘Biodiversity Park’ is to create a space where various fruit and vegetable plants, once common in the countryside, can grow in an agricultural environment that respects natural cycles. In this park, plants will be grown without the use of synthetic chemicals. Instead, organic substances produced within the same biological cycle of the plants present will be used.

Path of Ancient

The "Path of Ancient Fruits" in the Biodiversity Park is a place to rediscover and taste traditional fruits grown sustainably. Visitors can personally harvest the produce, purchasing them by the kilogram to consume on-site or take home. Enjoy a unique experience immersed in nature, savoring the authentic flavors of times past.