Experiences authentic

Masseria San Biagio

Regenerating body and mind

Masseria San Biagio, offers the opportunity to enrich your stay with unique and engaging activities.
Discover the true essence of Apulia through authentic experiences designed to give you unforgettable moments.
Dedicate time to your wellbeing, regenerating your body and mind in a quiet and cosy environment.

Holistic &
educational apiary

Built with natural materials and harmoniously integrated into its surroundings, our Apiary is a refuge where you can relax and enjoy views of the beehives. A sensory experience to discover the therapeutic power of the buzzing bees and the scents that take you back in time.

We also offer interactive guided tours, aimed at exploring the fascinating world of bees up close, stimulating curiosity and learning.

Odour Route

Relaxing walks among vibrant colors and aromatic herbs. An experience of pure pleasure and reconnecting with nature.

Each step and breath awakens the senses, allowing us to let go of tensions and find inner peace. This simple path takes us back to the roots of our existence, offering a safe haven and balm for the soul.

Historical Route

Tucked away in the heart of the Masseria, the semi-hypogean Church of San Biagio, dating back to the year one thousand, welcomed the community dedicated to rural life. A plunge into the past among woods and fields, where devotion was intertwined with daily work.

Just a few steps away, the San Biagio Museum guards the treasures of the Masseria, telling stories of life and work intertwined with the passing of the centuries. A fascinating journey to discover the roots of this magical place.

Gymnastics Course

Immerse yourself and rediscover the pleasure of movement with an outdoor fitness trail. Each exercise will activate your muscles harmoniously, providing strength, endurance, and agility.                   

While you exercise, the sounds and scents of the forest will envelop you in a rejuvenating atmosphere. Ideal for those who enjoy taking care of themselves in a fun and sustainable way, rediscovering the perfect balance between sports and nature.

Bathing in the Woods

A sensory journey through lush forests, where you can connect with ancient trees and immerse yourself in the harmony of the plant world. Walk and breathe in the fresh air, rich in oxygen and essential oils emanating from the leaves and flowers. Listen to the chirping of the birds and the rustling of the windblown leaves.

Gently touch the bark of the trees, feel their life energy pulsating under your fingers. Close your eyes and abandon your thoughts, letting your instinct and deep connection with unspoilt nature guide you. A regenerating experience for body and mind, a panacea for stress and anxiety. A unique way to regain inner balance.